Sunday, July 18, 2010


          A Brief Background of Rh Juntan!

Welcome to the Official Blog of Rh Juntan, Nanga Elik, Sungai Sut, Balleh, 96807 Kapit, Sarawak! This page was established on 18th July 2010. Rh Juntan is one of thousands of Iban longhouses in Sarawak. It is a 22-door Iban Longhouse situated at the end of the present Kapit-Antaroh Road, about 30 km from Kapit Town.

The purpose of having this page can be summarized as below:

i). As a medium of communication among its residents and also between the longhouse folks and the outside World, especially with the government departments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) etc. 

ii). It is also become an important avenue for the longhouse folks to air their problems, views or to request further action from the various government departments and agencies.

iii). Surrounded by primary as well as secondary forests, rich of flaura and fauna and hundreds of interesting places to visit such as waterfalls, orchard etc, this longhouse definitely has a great potential in tourism industry. This website plays an important role to promote it as one of  tourist attractions in the country. Information provided in this website later on such as site maps, contact numbers of tourist agents, charges etc are of most important especially to those who are first time to this place.

iv). Homestay programme is being planned by the longhouse folks themselves for the benefit of the tourists to experience the longhouse environments & life. Once you are there with the longhouse people, traditional music such as Ngajat (Iban Dance) and Betabuh (Traditional Live Band) can be arranged at an affordable rate. 

v). Related small and medium industry such as handicraft industry can be promoted to the outsiders. This,         in the long run will be able to uplifted the socio-economic being of the people in this longhouse.

Thank you.